A Superpower for Hiring the Best People

Remote work can be your superpower

There are a number of benefits which can really help differentiate companies from their competitors – like a superpower that you have access to. One of these is gaining a much broader base of talent which you can hire from and work with. Realistically for most organisations, the best people aren’t always nearby. We’ve discussed previously how the office is not always the most productive place, so do we even want to focus on people around a specific location? Remote work is a superpower that helps you in hiring the best people.

Hiring the Best People

Most companies will tell you that they hire the best people. That they have a team of A players and rockstars that differentiate them from the crowd. Common sense says that this can’t be true. If everyone has a team of above average people then by definition the team is average. This is a form of the Dunning-Kruger Effect and is something that you should be aware of when joining any organisation that tells you they have the best people.

The sad fact is that most companies don’t hire the best people, they hire the best from those available to them. This is normally determined by a number of key factors:
1. How much they are willing to pay
2. The type of work they do
3. The pool of talent they are opening themselves up to

Unless you are an extremely well funded startup or tech giant, odds are you can’t pay people whatever you want. You likely have a defined budget that you have to stay within and that will make it unlikely that you can hire certain people.

The type of work you do is up to you and something you are in control of. However, it is likely if you are in a niche area or have a particular expertise then you will again find it hard to either recruit the right people, or have to invest heavily in any new starter you bring on.

So that brings us to the talent pool you are opening yourself up to. The truth is that the best person for the role is unlikely to be within commuting distance of your office. Say you only want to hire the top 10% of people in your specialism. If there are 10 people who can do the job within commuting distance, you have 1 candidate for that role. If instead you broaden your talent pool away from the office to maybe 100 people, suddenly you have 10 candidates. Again, if you are an extremely big brand then you can probably draw people towards you. Equally you will have a bigger talent pool if you are at a hub for your industry, such as Silicon Valley for software. But even then you are still limiting yourself to those in that immediate area.

Doctor on map - Remote work can help in hiring the best people - wherever they are
Remote work can help in hiring the best people – wherever they are

Getting to Work With the Best

By opening up to remote workers, your talent pool can suddenly grow in orders of magnitude to include anyone. Obviously you will have to consider a number of factors such as language. But you now have a much deeper bucket to draw from. And by offering remote work, you can draw those people in to you. I have been fortunate enough to work with some of the best people in my industry. A common factor amongst them is that they do not want to travel into an office, they love the work they do and want to be able to do it. By being open to remote work you can suddenly gain access to all these extremely talented individuals from different locations and geographies, with a wide variety of experience and with different skills to bring along that will help you to grow.

So if you are on the fence about trying remote working in your organisation or wondering how you can stay competitive within your industry, consider broadening your talent pool by enabling remote work and gain a superpower – you can now hire the best wherever they are.

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