Episode 3 – 5 Tools to Make You a Successful Remote Worker

Remote Working Life Podcast

In this episode we talk through 5 tools that will help make you a successful remote worker:

  1. A chat or IM tool – I recommend Slack
  2. A video conferencing tool – Zoom is my favourite at the moment
  3. An online file storage system – I use Google Drive and GSuite (link includes a 20% discount for the first year)
  4. A PM tool – I use Omnifocus for personal work, Jira and Teamwork Projects at work
  5. A good webcam – I love my Brio 4K Cam

Let me know what tools you love in the comments below or on Twitter.


  1. Excellent post. I’m a remote worker too and have been for just over a year now. Love your podcasts too and I can relate to getting up early for a long commute to work. I used to have to get up at 4:30am and have a just under 100 mile commute to work. I find the hardest part of remote working is stopping work as enjoy my job so much. Long gone are the days when in a “proper job” I’d think of something to do with work and then have to make a note for myself to do it first thing in the morning. Now, if I need to do something I simply do it and it’s done.

    Thanks for sharing great information and please keep the podcast going. Many thanks!

    • remoteworkingwp

      February 4, 2020


      Thanks for your lovely comment. More content is definitely on its way, including the podcast becoming more regular.

      Again thanks for your support


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