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This is a new blog and podcast focussed on helping you be successful as a remote worker, assisting you with some tips and tricks from my experiences in both working as a remote team member and managing teams remotely.

Who am I? My name is Paul Battisson and I have worked remotely either full or part time since 2012. When I first started back in 2012, I was working from home 2 days a week with a larger team all based out of an office. Over the next 2 years my role and responsibilities grew to include managing a team of software developers and consultants whilst continuing this remote working pattern. I then switched organisations to a full time remote role where I worked on multiple projects across the globe with team members in the US and Europe. I worked across technical delivery, sales, marketing and operations helping to deliver a variety of large scale IT solutions. In 2018 I then switched to being the Chief Operating Officer of a UK based software consultancy where I help lead a team.

In these past 7 years I have learned a lot. It hasn’t all been plain sailing and honestly sometimes being remote has been very hard. However, I can honestly say I have never truly doubted it and it has been the best decision I ever made. I have no doubt that I am a happier, healthier and more productive individual because of my decision to work remotely, and I hope to share some of the reasons why with you.

I hope you find these posts and podcasts useful. I hope they help you avoid some of the mistakes I made, and please always feel free to send me a comment or note if there is something you liked, disliked or would like discussed.


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